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3 Steps to earn money from GoogleTez

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Money Earning Machine

50 million people are using this app,

It is a money earning machine. This app is introduced by Google. Great to say that the app hits downloads 50million within a month of starting. The GoogleTez was the best app for easy payments through the UPI to the bank to bank within a seconds.

The GoogleTez performs linkup with your account and mobile number(which is linked to your bank account.) to be more secure.

How to register with GoogleTez.


  • Open the GoogleTez app and Type your mobile number( which is linked up with your bank account) to register.
  • Set a password to don’t open by others. It may be google PIN or lock screen password.
  • After the registration, link up your bank account in the app to generate the UPI PIN. Set your UPI PIN to the transaction with your bank account.




  • Make payment with secure.
  • By using UPI(Unified payment interface) method
  • Directly transmits to your bank account
  • Send money to near people with a single button.
  • In this app, it supports 8 languages with easy to use our own know’s language.

The most secure app to use with easy and well performed to easily transfer to directly transfer to the bank account without any charge. Make an online payment to nearby places or friends by using this app.


Easy to Earn Money from GoogleTez.

It’s attracting the more people to earn money from this app easily send to every person they got a benefit of scratch card and win up to 1,000.

3 Ways to earn money with this App.

1.From Referring a friend, you can earn Rs.51 and your friend can earn Rs.51. The both of you got money from the transaction of 1st payment through UPI.

Trick: Send 1Rs from your friend mobile both got the money 51.

2.Send Money to your friend more Rs.150 you and your friend earn a scratch card worth Rs.1000. The lucky person earns money from that scratch card from Rs.0 to 1000.

3.Another way, Send money to your friend more than Rs.500 you and your friend got a scratch card worth 1lakh. Lucky Fridays you have to open that scratch card and earn money from Rs.0 to Rs.1lakh.

Proof of Rewards:

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If you Want Earn Money From GoogleTez:

Click the link:! https://g.co/tez/SF4y2

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